Villa Sattva

In the picturesque valley, along the Wrzosówka stream, at the foot of Śnieżne Kotły lies Jagniątków. It is Located at the crossroads of tourist routes leading to the Giant Mountains. The surroundings of mountains, forests, centuries-old park and constantly buzzing stream stay. This is the best place to enjoy every moment with all your senses.  If you are already here you should take this special energy with or more particular in you. How? Just like yoga and Ayurveda have been teaching for centuries.

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Yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda Yoga and Ayurveda allow you to find a balance between the body and the mind. Simultaneous exploration of yoga and ayurveda helps to understand the whole human being and address...

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Ecology and vegetarianism

Vegetarianism Vegetarianism is not just an aspect of ahimsa - non-violence. It also has an ecological dimension. For this reason, our kitchen serves only vegetarian, oriental spiced dishes...

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